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Smoke alarms in rental properties

Tenants - maintenance, testing and cleaning smoke alarms


Removable battery alarms


Tenants must make sure that batteries for removable battery alarms are replaced if the batteries:


  • have not been replaced in 12 months or more since the lease started;
  • no longer work properly or at all; or
  • have reached their expiry date, more than 30 days after the lease started.


Owners must ensure all smoke alarms are mains powered or have 10 year non-removable batteries by May 2016.


Mains powered smoke alarms and 10 year non-removable battery alarms


Tenants are not responsible for the replacement of batteries providing back-up for mains powered smoke alarms or in 10 year non-removable battery alarms.


Maintenance and testing of smoke alarms


During the period of a lease agreement, tenants are required every six months to:


  • test all smoke alarms installed at the premises; and
  • remove all dust and debris from the smoke alarms.


Failure or malfunction of a smoke alarm


If a smoke alarm fails or malfunctions, for reasons other than the failure of removable batteries or the mains power supply, a tenant must notify the owner as soon as practicable after becoming aware of the failure or malfunction.