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Renting I-L

Land Tax

  • Owners of rental properties are liable to pay land tax.  More information is available from the State Revenue Office.

Locks, locking devices, keys

  • The property owner must ensure the property is fitted with locks and security devices necessary to secure the premises and that these are maintained during the tenancy.
  • The property owner should provide the tenant with a minimum of one set of keys to all locks including windows.
  • When the tenant vacates the property, all sets of keys that were provided at the beginning of the tenancy must be returned to the property owner.
  • If the premises are not adequately secured a tenant should discuss the matter with the owner. If the matter cannot be resolved, the tenant can seek an order from the Magistrates Court of Tasmania that adequate locks be installed.
  • As of 1 October 2014, if you have taken out a Family Violence Order or a Police Family Violence Order, you can change the locks without the permission of the property owner/agent. It is recommended that you advise the property owner/agent as soon as practicable.