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Boarding Premises

House rules

  • The property owner/agent should give the tenant a list of any house rules.
  • The house rules should contain:
    • a list of services provided (eg, laundry and meals) including times available and how often provided;
    • any rules concerning:
      • use of bathroom and shower facilities
      • access to the premises by visitors
      • parking and storage of goods
      • drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes on the premises
    • any method of changing the house rules;
    • how the views of the tenants are to be taken into account when putting together the house rules.
  • House rules should be on display at the premises as well as being available to any tenant.


Comparing rules between boarding premises and normal renting


IssuesBoarding premisesNormal rental
Bond (security deposit)Cannot be chargedCan be charged (maximum 4 weeks rent)
Condition reportNot compulsory but advisable for both partiesCompulsory if a security deposit is charged
RentPayment period for rent cannot be more than 2 weeksPayment period for rent cannot be more than 31 days
Owner's right of entryRestrictions apply to an owner's right to enter a tenant's roomRestrictions apply to an owner's right of entry to any part of the property
InspectionsA routine inspection may be carried out every monthRoutine inspections are carried out once in the first month then once every three months
RepairsGeneral repairs must be completed within 7 daysGeneral repairs must be completed within 28 days
Nominated repairer

Tenants should not deal with nominated repairers but should contact the owner or their respective directly

Tenants are not entitled to arrange repairs themselves.

If urgent or emergency repairs are needed and the owner cannot be contacted, tenants may contact the Residential Tenancy Commissioner who will attempt to locate the owner

Where the owner cannot be contacted to arrange repairs, the tenant may contact a nominated repairer
Notice to terminate the agreementIf it is a no-fixed term agreement, the tenant may leave after giving 2 days noticeIf it is a no-fixed term agreement, the tenant may leave after giving 14 days notice