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Renting in Tasmania

The Residential Tenancy Amendment Act 2013 commences on 1 October 2014

This means that there are some changes in the rights and obligations of property owners and tenants starting from 1 October 2014 onwards. These include: 

 An interim version of the Rental Guide (PDF, 470.34 KB) is now available online.

This version of the Rental Guide is current as at March 2015 and incorporates the changes made to the Residential Tenancy Act 1997 that commenced in October 2014

** The establishment of a set of Minimum Standards for rental premises, and a provisions relating to photographs were originally included in the 2013 Amendment Act. However, several additional minor changes have been made and are currently before Parliament.

When the 2015 Amendment Act has been considered by Parliament, this Rental Guide will be further updated and a print version will also be available from Service Tasmania.

The "Renting in Tasmania" webpages are also current as at March 2015. Similarly, these webpages will be further updated once Parliament has considered the current Amendment Act.Consumer Affairs has also produced a Residential tenancy condition report template (DOC, 508 KB) . This report format is free for use and has the capacity to be amended to suit a property. There is no requirement to use this particular template, however theResidential Tenancy Act 1997

does state that if a bond is required for a premise, the owner must produce a condition report of some sort to record the condition of the property at the beginning of a tenancy.

Moving in / Leases / Entry costs

Lodging / Transferring Bonds / Condition reports







Repairs / maintenance / privacy

Moving out

Ending a lease early



A - Z of Renting

Boarding premises

Forms and publications

A range of topics for tenants, property owners and property agents.


Owning / managing a rental property


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