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Renting in Tasmania

Tenant's Tips to Remember Owner's Tips to Remember
  • Never sign a blank form
  • Keep your details updated with the Rental Deposit Authority (RDA)
  • Return the property in the same condition as it was when your lease started. Use your ingoing Condition Report to make sure the property is clean - dust skirting boards, light fittings and blinds; clean window tracks  and heater filters / fire box; have carpets cleaned by a preferred cleaner (keep receipts); mow and weed lawns and gardens; and ensure no there is no damage to the property.
  • Make sure your rent is paid up to date
  • Hand your keys in on time
  • Meet with the agent/owner about any issues before your lease ends
  • Take photos
  • Lodge your own claim form if you don't receive one from the owner within a reasonable period of time
  • Meet with the tenant/s before the end of the lease about the vacation date, returning the keys, cleaning and any other issues
  • Do a final inspection as soon as the tenant/s vacate
  • Complete an outgoing Condition Report
  • Raise any issues with the tenant/s immediately
  • Give a bond claim form to the tenant/s within 3 working days
  • If making a claim, make sure the tenant is provided with a list of reasons for the claim
  • Take photos of any cleanliness / damage issues
  • If you can't resolve any issues with the tenant/s, get professional service providers and keep copies of the invoices
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