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Collecting for charities

The Collections for Charities Act 2001 (the Act) contains rules for the conduct of charities and for the use of money, goods or services donated or bequeathed.  The Act applies to anyone who asks a member of the public to make a donation for a charitable purpose in Tasmania. This includes charities, marketing organisations, incorporated and non-incorporated bodies, religious organisations and individuals.

  • Applying for approval is free.
  • It is an offence to collect without the proper approval.

An Information Guide to the Collections for Charities Act 2001 (pdf, 177.0 KB) is available. Contact Us if you need further help.

Approved charities

A List of approved charities in Tasmania (pdf, 2.7 MB) is available.  Incorporated Associations and companies registered in Tasmania do not appear on this list.

Who needs to apply

Who needs to apply

The following must apply for permission when collecting for a charitable purpose:

  • any individual;
  • an organisation or corporation which is incorporated outside Tasmania;
  • a non-incorporated group or association in Tasmania.

Collecting for a charitable purpose means any request for a donation made:

  • in a public place such as a street corner or hotel;
  • door-to-door;
  • in a newspaper advertisement;
  • by telephone, fax, post, email or internet;
  • by radio or television.

A charitable purpose includes:

  • any benevolent, philanthropic or patriotic purpose;
  • any purpose for the protection of the environment or the welfare of animals;
  • the supply of help, aid, relief, support, care, housing or education to any person or animal in distress.

The Act does not apply to:

  • the sale of goods or services such as a chocolate fundraiser;
  • a request for renewal of membership of an organisation;
  • an appeal by an organisation to its membership such as a cricket club or hobby group;
  • an appeal within premises that are used by a club or religious organisation such as a collection plate;
  • an appeal to a Commonwealth, State or Local Authority; and
  • raffle tickets.

You do not need to apply for approval if:

  • you are an organisation which is incorporated in Tasmania; or
  • you are a corporation whose principle office is located in Tasmania.

How to apply for approval

How to apply to collect for a charity

You must apply if:

Lodge all documentation with:

  • Registration Services
    PO Box 56
    ROSNY TAS 7018
    Fax: 6173 0205

Annual returns - charities which are incorporated associations

Image indicating new information Annual Returns - charities which are incorporated associations

  • Starting on 1 October 2016 - If your charity is an incorporated association and is registered with and providing annual financial statements to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), it is no longer necessary to provide financial statements to the Tasmanian Commissioner for Corporate Affairs.
  • The Commissioner can still request a copy of information your organisation has supplied to the ACNC.
  • If your organisation fails to lodge a return with the ACNC, the Commissioner  will require your organisation to comply with the Tasmanian reporting requirements.

A Fact Sheet - Associations Incorporation Changes (pdf, 158.6 KB) is available.

PDFs require a PDF reader to be viewed.

How to collect for a charity

How to collect for a charity

Identification and providing information

Collectors are required to wear identification and provide information. The information requirement will vary depending on the method of collection.

Children and young collectors

  • Children under the age of 12 years -  may only solicit for donations if they are under the immediate control of an adult person.
  • Young people aged between 12 and 15 years - may only solicit if they are under the supervision of an adult.
  • Persons 16 years of age or over - may solicit for donations without supervision.

Methods for collecting charitable donations

Door knocking

  • Soliciting is allowed between:
    • 9am and 8pm between 1 November and 31 January.
    • 9am and 7pm between 1 February and 30 April.
    • 9am and 5pm between 1 May and 31 August.
    • 9am and 7pm between 1 September and 31 October.
  • Fundraisers must wear an identity card displaying their name, organisations name, and location of the principle office.
  • The purpose of the donation must be stated.


  • The rules apply to anyone soliciting for a charity by telephone and includes volunteers, employees of a charity and persons employed by a marketing business.
  • Telephone marketing is allowed between 9am and 8pm on any day.
  • The caller must state:
    • their name;
    • the name of the organisation they represent; and
    • the State or Territory in which the principle office is located.

Street collections

  • Anyone soliciting in a public place must wear an identity card displaying their name and the name of the organisation they represent and the State or Territory in which the organisations principle office is located.
  • In addition to applying for approval through Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading, anyone wishing to request donations on a public street or place must seek approval through the Tasmania Police. This type of collecting is regulated to avoid overlap between fundraising events. Applications should be made to:
    • Tasmania Police
      State Community Policing Services
      GPO Box 308
      HOBART TAS 7001
      Phone: 131 444
      Website: www.police.tas.gov.au

Soliciting Through Writing, Electronic Media or Advertisement

Any written request, however communicated, must include:

  • a statement of the purpose for which the donation is sought;
  • the name of the organisation;
  • the address of the principle office of the organisation; and
  • a contact telephone number for the organisation.



An application for a minor gaming permit to run a raffle is issued by:

Tasmanian Gaming Commission
GPO Box 1374
Phone: (03) 6166 4040
Email: gaming@treasury.tas.gov.au
Web: www.treasury.tas.gov.au

Authorisation to conduct raffles is subject to the Gaming Control Act 1993.