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Q & A Tasmanian Bushfire 2013



I have lost all my documents and need to get new identification


The Tasmanian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages will issue certificates free of charge to people affected by the bushfires. Anyone needing a copy of his or her certificates will need to complete an Application Form and provide ID.

For those who cannot meet the usual identification requirements other documents will be accepted such as:


  • a document stating that a replacement Medicare card has been requested;
  • evidence of operating in the community;
  • a bank statement or pay slip; or
  • evidence of a residential address such as utility or telephone bill.


Application forms should be lodged directly with:

Births, Deaths and Marriages
Level 3, 15 Murray Street
Hobart TAS 7000 



How do I know if an individual or organisation collecting money for bushfire victims is genuine?


In Tasmania, individuals cannot collect money for charity without approval from the Commissioner for Corporate Affairs.  The law requires people who are collecting donations to clearly identify who they are and who they are working for. If you are concerned about any person collecting money in response to the bushfire, call Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading on 1300 65 44 99 or contact your local Police Station on 131 444.


If you want to donate and to make sure that your money gets to the right people, you should donate only to recognised charities.


In times of crisis it is natural that people want to do something practical to help and often people want to raise money.  It is unlawful to collect money for charity without the relevant approvals and it can take some time to gain approval.  As such it is recommended that anyone wishing to help by raising money does so by working with or on behalf of an established charity.  Both the Red Cross and St Vincent de Paul have set up Tasmanian Bushfire Appeals and more information on these sites.



I am the owner or tenant of a rental property that has been affected by the bushfires


Please contact the Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Advisory Service on 1300 65 44 99



Excessive prices and unfair business practices


It is a sad reality that people exploit disasters such as bush fires by charging excessive amounts for good and services or engaging in unfair business practices. At this stage Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading has not received any reports of any unfair practices but wants to be informed of any instances where this occurs. Consumer Affairs will investigate any complaints about excessive pricing or unconscionable conduct. If you wish to report an incident or have questions or concerns, please contact Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading on 1300 65 44 99.



Public information sources


Fire situation and support services

1800 567 567 hotline
https://twitter.com/TasBushFires - #tasfires

Tasmanian Fire Service

Bushfire updates: www.fire.tas.gov.au/Show?pageld=colCurrentBushfires
Media releases:  www.fire.tas.gov.au/Show?pageld=colMediaReleases

Tasmania Police

Community alerts and road closures:  www.police.tas.gov.au/community-alerts
Media releases:  www.police.tas.gov.au/news

Registration of people affected by the fires or searching for missing relatives and friends

1800 727 077

Bushfire Appeal:  Red Cross

1800 811 700

Assistance grants

Info:  www.dpac.tas.gov.au/bushfires
Register:  1800 808 340

DHHS emergency services and support

Crisis accommodation:  1800 808 340
Other services:  www.dhhs.tas.gov.au/emergency_info

Tasmanian Government media releases


Legal assistance

1300 366 611