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The Office of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading (CAFT) provides a diverse and extensive range of services and information to the Tasmanian community, in order to encourage a fair, safe and equitable marketplace.

The key services and responsibilities of the CAFT team include:

  • administering and regulating the Australian Consumer Law in Tasmania;
  • developing and maintaining diverse legislative frameworks;
  • providing policy advice to Government;
  • registering incorporated associations, co-operatives and charities;
  • providing information to consumers and traders;
  • promoting awareness within the community of relevant consumer laws;
  • operating effective compliance and enforcement programs;
  • licensing the security, conveyancing and motor trader industries;
  • investigative services for the Residential Tenancy Commissioner; and
  • a secure repository for lodgement and disbursement of rental bond.

The functions of the Office of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading are set out in section 11 of the Consumer Affairs Act 1988 and these include but are not limited to the following:

  • To receive complaints from consumers in relation to matters which affect their interests as consumers and if deemed warranted, investigate those complaints, and take such action as seems proper to the Director.
  • Consult with and undertake dissemination of information in relation to matters which affect, or are likely to affect, the interests of consumers to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, advertisers, and any other suppliers of goods or services.

In addition, the office also provides administrative support to the Rental Deposit Authority (RDA), the Residential Tenancy Commissioner (RTC) and the Commissioner for Corporate Affairs.

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